You have a digital camera? How many photos do you have?
How quicky can you find a photo on your computer?
Secs...mins...hours...Or it takes forever?

Here’s a new look at managing photos. And making the world help you find it!
SanIdeos calls this photo-manager (and a lot more..) Clickstream!

See more photos clicked by san ideos here.

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  1. Sannidhya,
    It's the holy grail of Image Management and Information Retrieval. To find copies of a picture on the web, you might redefine the JPEG standard so that it can include a Unique ID of the Original and an ID for every copy/Photoshop amend that happened after that. That's the one way you can correlate.

    To cross-relate it amongst many accounts, you will need to either use their API or a third application may need to exist that can collate all keywords to build intelligence.

  2. Thank you Anshuman.

    Am thinking in terms of an application that utilises exisitng APIs to pull information from multiple sources. Working on the mock-ups for the same. Shall post them soon!